Why Fern.ai?

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How Fern.ai Can Help You with Smart Authoring

Fern.ai enhances how your team manages documentation— whether you’re at the stage of product development or maintaining compliance. 

Fern.ai offers unparalleled flexibility. You can craft templates from scratch or import your own templates. Powered by our innovative Smart Keys, Fern.ai smooths your workflow, ensuring unmatched consistency and accelerated completion across all documents.

With Fern.ai Template Management, you can:

  • Import and export your templates in Word format
  • Leverage intelligent and automated Smart Keys in your templates
  • Utilize advanced version control for traceability, and
  • Easily categorize and manage your templates

Experience documentation management as it should be: efficient, consistent, and tailored to your unique needs.

Fern.ai Product Profile elevates the document authoring experience by providing structured and efficient content management. The Product Profile links Smart Keys, which act as ID cards, to product information.  

In the Product Profile, associate Smart Keys with essential information extracted from source documents ensuring accuracy and consistency across all content.  

What sets this tool apart is its ability to trace the origin of each piece of information while automatically populating and updating your documents saving you precious time, minimizing errors, and keeping your team aligned.   

With Fern.ai Product Profile, you can:  

  • Maintain all product information in a central location
  • Keep traceability of information including ability to track versions of source documents
  • Use Smart Keys matched with product information to establish a single source of truth

With Fern.ai Product Profile, say goodbye to inconsistencies and welcome streamlined efficiency in content creation. Ensure standardized processes and effortless data updates across all documents, from a single source of truth. 

Fern.ai’s Document Editor modernizes the way you craft documents. Start with your meticulously crafted templates and propagate product information, effortlessly generating documents with precision and consistency using Smart Keys.  

No more manual labor of copying and pasting common content. Instead, dive straight into the substances of document authoring— adding value. 

With Fern.ai Editor, you can:  

  • Eliminate copy/paste errors, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in every document 
  • Start writing from templates with already populated product information, saving time and effort, while maintaining uniformity 
  • Utilize a unified workspace for all your documents, fostering collaboration and cohesion within your team 
  • Swiftly update documents to align with the latest requirements and trends 

With the Fern.ai Editor, your document creation evolves into a seamless, error-free, and value-driven process. Embrace efficiency, precision, and collaboration like never before! 

The beauty of Fern.ai Systematic Literature Review and Smart Authoring modules is the streamlined integration which easily transfers outputs from your clinical evidence review into any documents you are creating. 

If you need to update a literature review, the update can easily be inserted into already created documents or new templates. 

With Fern.ai’s Systematic Literature Review and Smart Authoring integration, you can: 

  • Complete your entire literature review and documentation within Fern.ai 
  • Generate customizable, reusable, and version-controlled literature review content 
  • Directly integrate literature review protocol details, queries, search results, screening decisions, PRISMA diagrams, and appraisal tables into your documents 
  • Match multiple literature reviews to a single report or copy the same literature review outputs to multiple documents 

Embrace the future of literature reviews with Fern.ai’s ability to incorporate systematic literature review content into your documentation.  

Designed to streamline clinical evaluations, R&D, HEOR, pharmacovigilance, and many other activities that require reporting on your systematic literature reviews, Fern.ai will take your research to the next level! 

Fern.ai goes beyond Smart Authoring by incorporating powerful collaborative tools designed to synergize team efforts and elevate the entire content creation process. 

With Fern.ai’s Collaborative Tools, your team can: 

  • Work on documents simultaneously, leveraging everyone’s expertise in real-time 
  • Have clear communication directly within documents using the comments feature 
  • Track every edit and contribution for full accountability and accuracy 
  • Use Fern.ai’s revision history to safeguard progress, you can save and revert to any previous version at any time 
  • Route documents from authors to reviewers directly in Fern.ai to streamline the creation and approval process 

Fern.ai’s collaborative tools transform document creation into an interactive and efficient experience, tailored to harness the collective intelligence and strengths of your team. 

Project management for document development doesn’t have to be so complex. With Fern.ai, manage both your project and team— all in one platform.  

With Fern.ai Project Management, you can: 

  • Manage document deadlines 
  • Manage users, access rights, and assign specific roles 
  • Review project and document status 
  • Route for review 

With Fern.ai Project Management, your team will unite around common objectives— to manage documentation workflow, achieve targets, and collaborate like never before. 

Smart Authoring simplifies data and content management in regulatory documentation, resulting in efficiency and quality improvements throughout the MedTech product lifecycle.


Why Use Smart Authoring


Smart Keys Create a Single Source of Truth

Smart Keys in the Product Profile create a single source of truth with version control and common terminology and style.

Template Management and Alignment

Readily update Smart Key content in the product profile.


Dynamic Linking Across Documents

Readily adapts to content changes and enables collaboration across authors.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Provides access to cross-functional users for in-platform comments and track-change editing


Streamline Literature Reviews

Conduct your literature reviews in Fern.ai and integrate outputs directly into your product documentation

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