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About Fern.ai

Fern.ai™ is a life sciences-focused AI / ML platform delivered by the Technology Solutions group, an independent business at RQM+. Our solutions are tailored to empower clients in seamlessly managing compliance requirements and efficiently navigating the dynamic regulatory landscape. By leveraging Fern.ai, you can effectively introduce new products to the market and ensure their continued success while efficiently maintaining regulatory compliance.


Fern.ai is the only comprehensive platform for clinical evidence review and delivers quality, speed to market, and supports compliance from concept to commercialization. By leveraging RQM+’s 40 years of regulatory expertise and the comprehensive clinical trial, lab, reimbursement, and consulting services, Fern.ai can assist in reducing regulatory risk and support our clients throughout their product lifecycle. 


Fern.ai was originally developed in 2020 by Giotto.ai and marketed as Giotto Compliance. RQM+ recently acquired Giotto Compliance and today Giotto.ai and RQM+ partner to bring over 250 years of tech experience to bear. Together, we are expanding Fern.ai into the end-to-end platform for regulatory compliance.

Meet Our Team

The RQM+ Technology Solutions team leading Fern.ai


Margaret Keegan 

Chief Executive Officer


Alaric Jackson

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Amie Smirthwaite

Sr. VP, Intelligence and Innovation 

Geoff 2

Geoff Graham

Director of Business Development


Celeste Maksim

Head of Product

Our trusted partners

We have numerous accreditations and partnerships with leading organizations in the regulatory compliance space. We've worked with clients across the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, including the FDA and EMA. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in everything we do.

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