Why Fern.ai?

Get your product to market faster with the end-to-end platform for clinical evidence.

How Fern.ai Can Help You with Systematic Literature Review

Fern.ai provides re-usable templates and a project organization interface to manage your literature review strategy. Together these features are proven to facilitate standardization of literature review process, while allowing for customization and flexibility across your use cases. 

With the project workspace you can:

  • Speed up literature review set up 
  • Organize your project and research strategy 
  • Reuse screening, extraction, and appraisal frameworks applicable across projects

Fern.ai smart query workspace integrates external scientific databases so you can conduct literature searches without leaving the platform. 

With Smart Queries you can:

  • Import PICO strategy and product information from the protocol workspace
  • Search multiple databases in a single workspace
  • Automatically handle duplicate references
  • Even schedule periodic search updates precisely when they’re required

Fern.ai intelligent screening is AI-supported screening of references that ranks studies by relevance, recommending exclusions, and automating low-level decisions, all with a human-in-the-loop approach.

With intelligent screening you can:

  • Increase the speed of high-quality submissions thanks to AI-powered guidance that always keeps the human in the loop
  • Ensure traceability with automatic tracking that happens simply from using the solution
  • Harness the collective expertise of your team to improve screening decisions

Fern.ai data extraction workspace is AI-powered extraction of population data, study parameters, performance endpoints, and complications always taking a human-in-the-loop approach.

With data extraction you can:

  • Quickly extract data from articles for summary and analysis while avoiding errors
  • Build an audit trail automatically by maintaining a record of where content was extracted in the article
  • Keep your expertise at the center with the traceable, intuitive, and user-friendly interface

Fern.ai gives you confidence in your data quality assessment with the critical appraisal workspace. This intuitive approach applies recommended data quality guidelines to assess risk of bias, statistical significance, and other criteria from clinical evidence collected.

With critical appraisal you can:

  • Be confident in your appraisal process every time 
  • Create consistency in data quality assessment 
  • Make it easy to appraise clinical publications and weigh conclusions based on data quality

Fern.ai audit ready exports provides summary tables and documents that are mistake-free and a customizable summary of all project content and decisions.

With audit-ready exports you can:

  • Speed the creation of audit-ready reports 
  • Ease the burden of all that copy-paste without renouncing your favorite reporting style
  • Focus on collecting quality data. Full stop

See how Fern.ai compares to other literature review solutions

Other Literature Review Platforms
Project Workflow Designed With Your Needs in Mind

Fern.ai is designed specifically for clinical evidence literature review.

No other platform designed specifically for clinical evidence review use cases.

Intuitive Design

We regularly hear from clients the Fern.ai platform is intuitive and easy-to-use over other options.

No other platform specifically focuses on guiding the user through the literature review process.

Conduct Queries in Platform

Why have a solution that requires you to still piecemeal your process in multiple platforms? Save time with Fern.ai by conducting database queries directly in the platform, and even repeat the query at a set frequency to automate updates.


Literature Retrieval

Import references from past reviews with manually, attach full-text PDFs you already have, and automate full-text retrieval.


Screening and Appraisal

Conduct level 1 and level 2 screening for title / abstract screening and full-text screening with AI recommendations on inclusion / exclusion and ML applied to learn from your selections. Automate deduplication of references. Obtain a clear audit trail just by using the platform.


Data Extraction

Fern.ai’s AI-powered, traceable, intuitive, and user-friendly extraction interface is where you can tag references to identify values of interest in full text articles, leave notes, and perform data extraction.

Other platforms leverage AI for saving extracted data but not for extracting data itself.

Generate Customized Exports 

Automate creation of PRISMA flow diagrams, manage references, export extracted data, screening decisions, and more.

You can export RIS files and screening decisions, although PRISMA diagrams may not be automated or customizable.

Whether you're conducting a literature review for a Clinical Evaluation Report or any other use case, the process remains the same.

See the impact of Fern.ai on your literature evaluation process.


Gain valuable insights into best practices, industry trends, and how Fern.ai can make your workflow 40% more efficient by browsing webinars, blog posts, case studies, and other informative resources.

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Efficient Literature Review

Effortlessly manage your literature review process with Fern.ai. Query your favorite databases based on your keywords and search terms. With the help of AI, duplicates are automatically detected and you can set up and manage automatic updates to keep track of the most recent literature.


Streamlined Screening Process

Drastically reduce your screening burden with our intelligent screening interface. Review AI-based recommendations and make inclusion and exclusion decisions based on titles, abstracts, or full-text. This saves you valuable time and ensures you only focus on the most relevant articles for your research.

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Centralized Project Organization

Keep your product data and literature search strategy organized in one place with the Fern.ai Protocol workspace. With all your project information in one location, you can easily collaborate with team members and manage your literature review projects more efficiently.


Automatic Data Extraction

Get data automatically extracted from full-text articles with our advanced NLP technology, while leveraging human expertise with a human-in-the-loop approach that keeps the experts in control. Customize your extraction framework to retrieve the most relevant data for your literature review, so you can quickly identify key findings and insights without spending hours manually extracting data.

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Efficient Critical Appraisal

Perform meta-analysis on extracted data and appraise full-text references for inclusion in regulatory reports. Use our pre-defined templates following regulatory guidelines or customize your grading and scoring system to fit your exact needs. This ensures the outputs meet the highest regulatory standards.

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Seamless Results Export

All your results can be easily exported and integrated into your existing documentation and reporting workflow. The process is recorded in an auditable trail, ensuring results can be reproduced. With Fern.ai, you can streamline your literature review process to efficiently produce high-quality regulatory reports.

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For MedTech Manufacturers...

Cut down on the time and effort it takes to create and submit compliant documentation to regulatory bodies, so you can get better healthcare products to market, faster. Leverage Fern.ai, the end-to-end clinical evidence review platform with the most comprehensive workflow including, queries, screening, extraction, appraisal, and ready-made audit-trails tracking every decision.

For Regulatory Authorities & Notified Bodies…

Streamline your clinical evidence review and critical appraisal processes, so you can save time and review submissions with confidence with Fern.ai’s simple, intuitive, easy-to-use interface and human-in-the-loop AI guidance.

For Service Providers...

Streamline your clinical evidence review with Fern.ai- the end-to-end literature review platform with the most comprehensive workflow. The combination of Human-in-the-loop AI and ML augments and expands collective expertise without humans giving up control.

Fern.ai has been recognized by several prestigious organizations, including the FDA and EMA.


Who We’ve Helped

At Fern.ai, we serve a diverse range of clients, including regulatory bodies and MedTech companies. Our platform is trusted by regulators and industry leaders for its accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use. Our clients include:


"Fern.ai helped us improve the review process while dramatically reducing the screening time and enhancing collaboration by using a centralized cloud system, overall a value-generating experience."

Mauricio Rodriguez

Managing Partner

ward 247

"Fern.ai is an excellent all-in-one platform. It was easy implement search strategy words and easy to see which articles were included and excluded. Data extraction to PRISMA diagrams is a brilliant solution, and the time spent on literature reviews was greatly reduced with Fern.ai."

Christian Meyhoff

Chief Medical Officer

ppl biomechanics

"We used the Fern.ai Platform to complete our MDR literature review in December 2021. The software was easy to use and resulted in a dramatic reduction in the time required to complete our literature search. The Fern.ai team were very professional, friendly and made themselves available for help and support."

Christine Kieman

Education Officer


"Our company recently discovered Fern.ai to test how it would fare for our niche medical device in preparation for the literature review for our clinical evaluation report. (...) the ability to verify and validate the data in half the time made the decision to purchase. The platform is easy to navigate and the support team is top-notch."

Cathleen Stone

Business Process Coordinator

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