RQM+ Efficiency Case Study

Learn about the benefits the RQM+ team has realized since switching to Fern.ai for clinical evidence review.

Why Fern.ai?

In evaluating technology solutions to streamline clinical and performance
evaluation, RQM+ assessed 15 platforms. Fern.ai was selected as the preferred platform based on the
following factors:

in Efficiency Gains
Comprehensive Impact
on RQM+ Workflow
Ensuring High Quality with Built-in Audit Trail

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Who We’ve Helped

At Fern.ai, we serve a diverse range of clients, including regulatory bodies and MedTech companies. Our platform is trusted by regulators and industry leaders for its accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use. Our clients include:


"Fern.ai helped us improve the review process while dramatically reducing the screening time and enhancing collaboration by using a centralized cloud system, overall a value-generating experience."

Mauricio Rodriguez

Managing Partner

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"Fern.ai is an excellent all-in-one platform. It was easy implement search strategy words and easy to see which articles were included and excluded. Data extraction to PRISMA diagrams is a brilliant solution, and the time spent on literature reviews was greatly reduced with Fern.ai."

Christian Meyhoff

Chief Medical Officer

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"We used the Fern.ai Platform to complete our MDR literature review in December 2021. The software was easy to use and resulted in a dramatic reduction in the time required to complete our literature search. The Fern.ai team were very professional, friendly and made themselves available for help and support."

Christine Kieman

Education Officer


"Our company recently discovered Fern.ai to test how it would fare for our niche medical device in preparation for the literature review for our clinical evaluation report. (...) the ability to verify and validate the data in half the time made the decision to purchase. The platform is easy to navigate and the support team is top-notch."

Cathleen Stone

Business Process Coordinator

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